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Who We Are

Young and dynamic company that aims to formulate products that greatly improve the quality of life, safeguarding the well-being of the individual, as a better life starts with feeling good and coping with a healthy lifestyle. 

This is the pivotal principle, with which our signature products were born, providing all those with gastrointestinal suffering with the solution to be able to lead a normal social and working life, without limitations due to these often highly disabling disorders. 

Our research team is focused on the study of intestinal permeability, along with the study of the gut microbiome and the development of products that improve the body's state of well-being.

We want to distinguish ourselves by establishing direct contact with our customers and potential stakeholders.

Promoting our research and knowledge of all those elements that can bring each of us to greater awareness to achieve physical well-being.

Therefore, for formulations, we use medical consultants from leading university centers and one of the most advanced production facilities in the field of nutraceuticals, Sintal Dietetics in Teramo, which also holds GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

Regarding the distribution

We make use of two state-of-the-art entities in the country: the first is based in Bologna and is responsible for distributing all products to wholesalers in central and northern Italy, and the second is based in Catania and is responsible for supplying wholesalers throughout southern Italy.

These depots are capable of supplying pharmacy dispensaries within 48 hours nationwide, so that we can ensure the availability, at the point of sale of all our preparations.

We choose Correctness and Ethicality in promotional messages, strictly adhering to demonstrable clinical evidence and using only specific indications allowed by the Ministry of Health or other responsible Official Bodies, national and international (EFSA, ECCO, FDA, etc.)

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